A Revolutionary Advance in the Way You Sell Feature-rich, future-ready ecommerce software to evolve your business to the next level Custom-built, infinitely scalable, safe and secure, Xretail delivers solutions for every business, every customer. An Integrated Ecommerce System Personalized for Your Business Needs.


Create a fully-customized, richly-immersive user experience for your B2B and B2C customers, beautiful and effective on every device.


Tightly integrate your ecommerce storefronts with the critical management systems that run your business (ERP, CRM, OMS, Fulfillment, and more).


Steer product discovery, dynamically adapt promotions, manage inventory and fulfillment, generate detailed reports, and offer real-time visibility across channels.


Get digital insights and guidance, implement leading-edge commerce management approaches with the help of our in-house Professional Services department.

A Scalable Enterprise Solution

Unparalleled Security & Stability Your content, data, and operations are supported in a fully unique and secure, with fail safe streaming updates and unparalleled stability.

World Class Hosting

Enjoy state-of-the-art hosting benefits in a fully owned and managed environment devoted exclusively to supporting our Xretail Merchant community, featuring pro-active hardware upgrades, 99.99% historical uptime, and redundant everything (power, storage, paths, UPS).

Total Access

Run your site from anywhere in the world, offering full server control panel access.

Branding Strategy

Develop a confident brand voice via core messaging, unique design, marketplace analysis, and expert brand positioning.

Interactive Design

Maximize customer engagement with a fluid, seamless user interface which transforms clicks into conversions.

Process Architecture

Define and implement processes that ensure a high-performing multichannel operation.

Conversion Optimization

Drive conversions with sophisticated site/content configuration, then analyze performance with A/B and multivariate testing to fine tune a total marketing plan.

Business KPI's

Produce hard, measurable profits and spectacular ROI with the custom reporting needed to make strategic decisions.

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