Digital solution to deck up your jewellery business

Jewellery is one industry where the traditional modes are converging with the modern options available to take the industry forward in many ways. The online retail boom has resulted in customers being able to preview and multiple options before finally selecting one. Offline sales being fueled by the online store in terms of driving footfalls by showcasing the full range online and then getting the final purchase done in store.

Unparalleled reach through rich online catalogue

Traditionally you have been limited in your customer reach through the printed book ads and your printed product catalogue. Your complete range can also not be shown completely in a single book. With Xretail, you can not only showcase your full catalog in a beautiful way but also gain unlimited opportunities – in terms of customer reach, new cities and countries and full product showcase online.

Customize buying experience

You have created a complete digital catalogue. Now you have the option of custom sorting the range by material (Gold, diamond, silver etc), collection type, price range and a lot more. This helps your end customer in their product discovery process through enhanced search filters.

Showcase Industry and product buying guides

Educate the customer at no extra cost by putting up relevant buying guides and industry quality standards online to build customer confidence and trust. This can be done by detailed explanation on what constitutes the product – for example: weight, carat, cut etc in case of diamonds.

Build confidence through industry and product certificates

Showcase the quality of your products and provide the guarantee of a high quality by including your Hallmark certificate for jewellery purity and make. This creates unmatched trust levels and the customer is enthused to buy online. Talk about the insurance policies you have for the transport of the jewellery.

Showcase the latest prices

The jewellery industry is a dynamic one with daily variations in the price. Be one step ahead of the market by continuously updating your prices through the API provided or the bulk update options which are available. Customers always get the latest and correct prices online in a transparent way.

Create special collections for festive occasions

There are certain festivals and occasions like New Year or Valentine’s Day for which you have created a fresh catalogue. Showcase this online by creating a separate section online for customers to quickly choose products. It also helps you highlight certain products through a preferred display option in the backend.