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Platform Architecture

A fully customizable and scalable system, thoroughly supported and delivered securely.


All facets of your ecommerce operations (content, data, etc.) are supported in a unique, complete with fail-safe streaming updates and unparalleled stability.


Xretail's platform is designed to handle the unique requirements of an enterprise business (complex data sets, large SKU counts, configurable products, pricing and customer groups, etc.) while giving you access to the data you need to run your day-to-day.


Our suite of enterprise tools seamlessly connects front-end shopping experiences with the back-end systems that help manage day-to-day operations.


A second is an eternity in ecommerce. Our sites consistently respond in 1/3 of that time, ranking us among the fastest ecommerce stores on the web today.


Your site will be fully compliant, protecting against credit card data breaches so that your customers can shop securely.


Both our software and hosting environment can handle extreme amounts of traffic, with the ability to scale up resources in a matter of seconds.


Your Xretail software is hosted in our own data center, where we manage every technical aspect of your ecommerce store.


Our expert team of system administrators and state-of-the-art monitoring systems ensure your site is running smoothly around the clock.


99.99% – Our clients process over four billion dollars a year on our platform, and demand perfection.

Design & Build

Leverage an exceptionally flexible template language and theming system designed
to support your unique business rules and processes.

Ready Themes

Gorgeous, fully responsive theme templates pre-designed for aesthetic power and ease of use.


Responsive frameworks build stores that render beautifully on any device.


The most flexible template language available anywhere, so the only limit is your imagination.


Upload and manage all site assets, including images, video, music, PDFs, animations, and GIFs.


Customize all aspects of your store with fine detail control, including colors, fonts, banners, and layouts.


Navigate all Xretail features with new Search, History, and Bookmark functions.


A fluid, easy to use image library & image selection interface.

Custom Fields

Add an unlimited number of custom fields to products, customers, categories, orders, or your checkout process.

CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap 3

Universal control and support.


Full CSS style resources available.


Create unique pages with custom layouts to feature new product releases, sales, news, and other special content.

Custom Quoting

In instances where in-person interaction is required, allow for 'submit a quote' (B2B ready).


Detailed video tutorials for rapid assimilation.

Professional Services

Schedule a consultation for a full-design package to build the design and workflow of your site.

Display Products

Showcase your products in any manner imaginable.


Everything – products, categories, attributes, levels, kits and more.

Visual Library

Select and view a preview of your product images with dimensions.

Image Machine

Add and organize images instantly, with unique images for individual attributes.

Resizing Engine

Upload the highest quality image available for automatic resampling to all desired sizes.


Catalog section tabs manage and increase search optimization.


Import new product data one at a time or in bulk.


Arrange inventory by product, variation, sub-category, category, and custom fields.


Display inventory messaging and alternate shipping options from multiple warehouses or fulfillment centers.


Mix and match products and attributes to create bundled products or 'kits', accurately reflected in inventory levels.


Set up logic based functions to automate merchandising functions, e.g., if a product is sold out, automatically update the product page.


Suggest related products, products recently viewed and purchased, bundle deals, and add-ons.


Create unlimited attributes (size, color, fit, part, length, diameter, etc.) to add to a product's description.


Customers can build complex products by selecting from an unlimited number of product attributes.


Customize product display with checkboxes, radio buttons, text boxes, swatches, and drop down choices.


Set price group rules to offer promotions based on shopping cart conditions.


Quickly view and edit active / inactive products with name, image, category, and inventory levels.


Activate and deactivate products by simply checking a box.

Bulk Upload

Upload products via FTP.


Automatically sync products and inventory with ERP and accounting system for instant updates.


Group products and product types by attribute.

Custom Keywords

Include unique keywords for enhanced customer discovery.


Upload unlimited product photos with easy drag-and-drop interface for immediate auto-resizing and display.

Metadata Override

Override and re-write meta title and description, or populate dynamically.

Import / Export

Bulk update products by importing via csv, xls, or xml file.

Multi-Category Assign

Assign products to multiple categories at once.


Mark products with "NEW" or "SALE" flags to highlight featured inventory.


Assign weight to products for easy shipping calculations.


Turn any product into a digital download.

Related Products / Upsells

Select products for upsell or rely on system defaults such as best-selling, most viewed, etc.

Configure Catalog

Design and modify your stores infrastructure and organization methodology.


Structure your categories quickly and easily with an intuitive management interface.

Drag & Drop

Configurable drag & drop spreadsheet imports for rapid catalogue updates.


Build multi-tier categories in a tree like structure.


Create a category description to explain a category in further detail.


Easily change the order and tier - all products move with category when re-ordered.


Organize multiple tier levels effortlessly with drag and drop capability.


Organize products within a category quickly using a visual sorting feature.

Custom Search

Help customers to find a category by including a list of additional keywords to locate a specific category.

Custom Metadata

Override current Meta Title and Description for any category.

Optimize Search Rankings

Improve search-engine ranking with built in SEO best practice tools and frameworks.


Comprehensive indexing and tagging for consumer searchability of pages, content, inventory, and products.


Clean URL's are easily indexed by search engines.


Allow search engines to display content like pricing and imagery.


Take full control over your page descriptions and titles, ensuring search engine visibility. Override meta title and description for any category.

URL Redirects

Create automatic redirects on the fly.

Google Site mapping

Automatically create a specific sitemap.xml to index every URL on your site.

URI Management

Gain total control of your page URL's using our lightning fast URI management tool.


Customize naming and structure of site links with clean, easy to read URLs. Enable short links for optimum URL paths.

CSS Page Tags

Add dynamic meta tags to pages and products to increase search visibility and make products easier to find. Page titles and descriptions are completely customizable.


Built-in automatic site mapping for Google-friendly URL indexing.


Total control of page structure.

Engage Buyers

Design every element of your shopping experience.


Unlimited product photos with dynamic display options including a built-in light box.


Display cart totals (including shipping estimates) throughout the purchasing process.


Allow search engines to display content like pricing and imagery.


Direct customers to upsells, cross-sells, and related products.


Use inventory messaging to offer "last chance" opportunities.

Faceted Search

Buyers can sift products by price, best-selling, newest items, or custom attributes.


Configure auto-email triggers for abandoned carts, inventory / ship by status, birthdays, buyer segments, and more.

Google Shopping

Easily configure automated product feeds.

B2B Ready

Assign unlimited custom, dynamic displays, rates, and shipping options for business customers.


Invite customers to leave ratings and reviews which you can moderate.


Customers can follow a smart navigation path to the current page with clickable links.


Easily index content including automatic site-map.


Configure customer search results layout from an easy to use tab.


Assign common keywords to products and categories to make customer search results accurate and relevant.

Canonical Category Structure

Assign products to one or more categories.


Customers can search total site content for pages, categories, products, or descriptive copy.

Wish Lists

Send targeted promotions based on customer wishlists.


Pricing, availability, banners, coupons, recurring visits, and more using our logic based templates.

Pro Services

Want advanced UX design assistance? Explore our Professional Services here.


Visit a central library upload and manage all digital assets.


Schedule specific publish dates across a wide variety of promotions, feeds, and assets.

Predictive Search

Help customers find products with real-time predictive search.


Every search result is weighted - exact matches are listed first.

Manage Quotes

Allow your customers to submit full or partial quotes for review and processing.

Login with Facebook

Quick login through trusted partners.

Run Promotions

Assume total control of your merchandising and promotions.


Configure coupons with restrictions for date, number of uses, and per shopper use.


Call attention to products, categories, sales, and more - anywhere on your site.


Arrange products within category and sub-category views for prime positioning.


Plan a specific time range for promotional offers in advance.

Rule Sets

Choose from a full slate of price rules for special promotions: Buy X Get Y, Add-On Product, Fixed Discount, Percentage Discount, Specific Sale Price, Shipping Discount, Volume Pricing


Increase conversions with upsell, cross-sell, related product, and bundle offers.

Unique Upsell

Configure upsell products based on basket contents.

Unique Customer Offers

Create special pricing rules for retail customers or B2B wholesale accounts.


Set logic-based promotion criteria, by price, attribute, and more.

Auto-Generate Codes

Batch generate unique coupon codes, or auto-generate and display in real time based on customer actions.

Set Minimums / Maximums

Create exact conditions for promotional offers.


Remove individual products from any promotional offer.

Gift Cards

Create gift card design templates, offer tiered card value, edit, and track remaining balances.

Reporting & Sync

Run dynamic promotions with the assurance that discounts and Gift Cards will be mirrored in your ERP or accounting system.

Account Credits

Customer service reps can add to / manage customer account balances.

Configure Catalog

Design and modify your stores infrastructure and organization methodology.


Structure your categories quickly and easily with an intuitive management interface.

Drag & Drop

Configurable drag & drop spreadsheet imports for rapid catalogue updates.


Build multi-tier categories in a tree like structure.


Create a category description to explain a category in further detail.


Easily change the order and tier - all products move with category when re-ordered.


Organize multiple tier levels effortlessly with drag and drop capability.


Organize products within a category quickly using a visual sorting feature.

Custom Search

Help customers to find a category by including a list of additional keywords to locate a specific category.

Custom Metadata

Override current Meta Title and Description for any category.

Convert Sales

Create a streamlined, secure checkout process – a 100% customizable user experience.


Configure 1-4 page checkouts with unlimited layout options.


Support for multiple languages, currencies, taxes/VAT, warehouses, and international shipping prices and customs.


Provide product zooms and multiple alternate images.

Quick View

Customers can quickly view product information and add to cart from any site page.

Recent View

Logged-in customers can see previously viewed products.

Subscription Management

Easily manage your subscription and recurring billing – 100% built in controls not found in any other ecommerce software.

Customer Accounts

Facilitate faster transactions, easier return visits and status updates, and vital data collection via customer account set-up.

Shipping Calculators

Live calculation of shipping charges based upon anything – flat rates, zone, weight, freight, price table, or quantity.

Shipping Carriers

Calculate shipping fees automatically for a host of carriers/methods, with live rates.


Process payments via Cash on Delivery, Payfort, Hyper Pay & Sadad.

Business Payments

Offer customers account credit, EFT, ACH, commercial card, check, and purchase order payments.

Live Tax Calculation

Integration with tax systems.

Rules-Based Taxes

Apply state, national, and custom tax rates automatically.


Exclude payment methods at product level or by order/geo data.

Abondoned Carts

Track customers who fail to complete checkout, and send automated email promotions.


Engage, calculate and compensate affiliates.


Handle all sensitive transaction data in line with PCI standards.

Enable Shipping

Display and manage complex shipping rates and rules for any type of product, any weight, anywhere.

Easy Admin

Administer shipping rules, calculators, pricing and methods at the click of a button.


Add, edit, and sort active / inactive shipping methods, via a drag and drop capability.


Easily configure your preferred shipping carriers and methods.

Method Restrictions

Manage restrictions and rate adjustments for any active shipping method.

Advanced Shipping

Ship by weight, size, offer table calculations, and generate price tables.


Dynamically display shipping methods via a drag and drop interface.

Real Time Rates

View tier shipping rates based on order size.

Tiered Rates

Dynamically display shipping methods via a drag and drop interface.


Restrict shipping methods to specific countries, regions, basket sizes, or customer groups.

Free Shipping

Offer free shipping throughout your store, or on a per product basis.


Export shipping data to study costs and trends in your store.

Mobile POS

Sell anywhere you have a signal.

Manage Orders

Manage and fulfill of orders with comprehensive tracking, customer communication, editing, and status updates.


View and sort orders by order number, date, status, batch.


See customer information, edits history, order status changes, and tracking information.


Display orders by status or date.


Jump to specific orders by entering search criteria (customer name, order ID, status).


Show a detailed summary of an order's activity – easily sharable with your customers.


Edit order status, including marking as back-order.


Automate communication of tracking info to customers at every status change.


Compile and export order data into easily exported lists and spreadsheets.


Monitor status, tracking, inventory availability, shipping, discreet shipments, and additional payments.

Process Returns

Track, manage, and approve returns quickly and painlessly.


View a detailed list of returns, and filter by return status or date.


Access a detailed return summary page with order number, reason for return, and customer commentary.


Approve (or reject) returns with the click of a button, refund the full or partial purchase amount.


Track and returns into your back-end ERP or accounting system for simplified management.


Your customers can initiate returns and track statuses under their account. Once a return has been initiated, a user can check updates and messages.

Monitor Inventory

Predict, control, and distribute inventory to maximize profit and customer satisfaction – unlimited categories, products, attributes, and configurations.


Track product availability, attribute combinations, unit cost, sale price, orders, back-orders, and returns.


Integrate with vendor systems for instant status of inventory availability.

Manual Control

Adjust/update inventory data manually when needed.


Monitor 'in basket' products – automatically or manually delete baskets when necessary.


Automated notifications for low stock or out of stock.


Let customers know current inventory status, ie in stock, number remaining, back-order, sold out, notify for updates, or a custom message.


Import/export all inventory and sales data, with the ability to sift results by date, product, orders, and more.

Support Customers

Build sales, foster brand loyalty, and reduce demands on customer service by analyzing your store's audience
and trends and allowing customers to customize their experience.

Address Book

Customers can store multiple shipping and billing addresses.


Enjoy a gateway agnostic tokenization engine, and full customer account wallet support.

Manual Control

Adjust/update inventory data manually when needed.

Wish Lists

Allow customers to create, name, and edit lists of products, and easily transfer products to basket. Customers can choose to make lists public, and browse the public lists of other users.


Compile and view detailed snapshots of your customer accounts.


Quickly find a specific customer by searching by name, email address, order #, etc.

Shop As Customer

Digitally assist a buyer's shopping experience mid-stream upon request.

Customer Accounts

Customers can create accounts for easy access to order status, wish lists, and special promotions.

Business Accounts

Set up B2B/wholesale accounts to offer special price group discounts and set specific product displays by user, purchasing group, or business entity.

Availability Groups

Control which products and pricing are seen by different individuals or customer groups.


View/export all customer data, including email address, add-date, purchase history, and preferences.


Apply credits and gift certificates to customer accounts.

Customer Alerts

Set up automated emails triggered by order activity, status changes, tracking updates, or other custom behaviors.

Synchronize Channels


Create unique content for each listing, including photos, names, descriptions, and prices.


Sync and manage all external marketplace orders, auto-download into your store Admin panel.


Create multiple listings per SKU to highlight different product attributes or names.


Communicate with customers automatically upon order activity or status change.


Create user groups with unique admin rules for each marketplace.

Streamline Operations

Manage inventory, orders, content, marketplaces, shipping, fulfillment, analytics, and reporting – from a single view.


Index and tag your admin panel for quick search of pages, inventory, and admin functions.


Assign roles, functions, and access based on job function.


Seamlessly navigate your responsive administration interface across all devices – optimized for speed, usability and touch interfaces.


Manage permissions and update passwords for customers and administrators from a single source.

Last Login

Monitor user activity by viewing login history.


Create role-based management groups (marketing, design, IT, etc).

Advanced Permissions

Grant access and modify the user experience by role – displaying products, imagery, and content dynamically.

Inventory Thresholds

Manage your entire inventory, set alerts to automatically stop selling when inventory is out.


Configure and export custom reports to view best-selling products, overall sales, customer lifetime value, and more.


Integrate Google Analytics to track site traffic, sources, page views, conversions, cross-referenced with revenue.

Manual Control

Edit orders on the fly to reflect up to the minute changes.


Issue, track, and email Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Issue refunds upon completion.

Batch Actions

Create batches of orders or shipments, process batch actions.


Generate automatic response or email sequences with custom templates and triggers.


Orders and returns, issue tracking into, offer specialized promotions based on customer profile/action.


Fuzzy search, quick links, bookmarks, breadcrumbs and recent history make admin navigation fast and intuitive.

Saved Searches

Create custom views for frequently searched data.

Custom Tabs

Use drag and drop tabs to easily design a custom workspace.

Automate Workflows

Tightly integrate front end purchasing with the systems your business depends upon, including Accounting, CRM, OMS, and ERP.

Accounting / ERP

Leverage a full suite of enterprise integration tools to create a seamless bridge to any backend accounting / ERP system.


Integrate essential shipping and fulfillment solutions.

Pick / Pack / Ship

Create customized, sortable, order fulfillment 'pick slips' to support your warehouse team.


Automatically import/export product, category, inventory, customer, order, affiliate, and shipping data, in XML, EDI, and JSON API formats.


Configure and map data in any manner your business requires – for quick views and agile decision making.


Built in support for label printing.


Coordinate the efforts of your marketing, shipping, and product departments via an integrated management interface.


Comply with international import and hazmat policies by automatically adding Harmonized Tariff codes to appropriate international orders.


Create digitally supported return processes with advanced return functionality.

Analyze Performance

Generate comprehensive reports to analyze trends, traffic, and order activity for the guidance you need to map a successful digital strategy.


Quick install of tracking code on all site pages.


Access to visitor activity data, universal analytics and enhanced ecommerce tracking.


Compile and export custom data reports – gross revenue, location, product sales, category, customer, and more.


Monitor and control inventory with reports and custom-trigger alerts.


Pinpoint trends in order activity at a glance with custom sifting and side-by-side comparison by date and time period.


Get real-time snapshots of current revenue, by day, week, month, etc. – with comparison and percent change.


Discover how many site visitors were converted into paying customers.

Average Order Value

View Average Order Value (AOV) by selected date or date range.

Top Keywords

Learn what keywords your customers are searching for when they find your site.

Top Sellers

List top purchased products, sort by revenue, profit, and more.


Analyze shipping methods and costs to offer customers the most cost-effective options.

Live Activity

View real-time on site activity, with the ability to drill down to device type.

Order Locations

Map where sales are coming from, with revenue breakdown by country, state, and city.

Requires customization. Please contact our Professional Services department. More than 1,000 businesses have already launched Xretail stores.
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